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  • Michael Mehaffy

REGENERATING LIVABLE CITIES: 60th IMCL in Newport, RI will focus on effective new tools and strategies

Updated: Jan 8

Topics will include affordability, diversity, resilience, health, middle housing, transport choice, street design; tools will include new zoning codes, economic incentives, middle housing toolkits, new design patterns, climate adaptation and mitigation tools, placemaking tools, and much more; Call for Abstracts is now OPEN!

Historic Thames Street in Newport, the site of the 60th International Making Cities Livable conference. Like many cities, Newport is struggling to provide affordable and diverse housing for all its citizens, and developing a number of innovations that we will discuss.

NEWPORT, RI - The 60th International Making Cities Livable conference will be held here April 26-28, 2024, on the theme of "Making Cities Livable: From Research to Communication and ACTION." There is a growing body of research on effective approaches to zoning reform, housing diversity, transportation, health, public space and streetscape improvements, and economic opportunity and recovery, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic. Yet there is an urgent need to disseminate that research, and translate it into ACTION in cities, towns and suburbs.

This has always been the mission of the International Making Cities Livable, since its founding in 1985 by a Viennese medical sociologist and a British architectural scholar. Henry and Suzanne Lennard were passionate about bringing together researchers, planners, mayors, developers, designers, NGO heads and others, across international borders and sectors, to share lessons and translate them into action on the ground.

The IMCL has continued that mission since Suzanne's passing in 2019, with successful and highly regarded conferences in Carmel, Indiana (2021), Paris and Le Plessis-Robinson, France (2022), London, and Dorchester and Poundbury, UK (2023).

The 60th IMCL will be held at the beautiful Bois Doré estate in Newport, generously hosted by Fairfax and Sammons Architects. The area includes many options for hotels and inns, and is accessible from Boston, Providence and New York City by train, bus and/or car.

The Bois Doré estate, designed by the noted architect Charles a. Platt in 1927.

Partners in the conference will include the Congress for the New Urbanism, UN-Habitat, The King's Foundation (formerly The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment), the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism (INTBAU), HeathBridge Canada, several universities, and others.

Plenary speakers will include prominent researchers, urbanists, and city leaders, as well as a selection of speakers with accepted abstracts. Speakers will include members of our Board of Stewards, including researchers from the City University of New York, the University of Chicago, UCLA, Danang University of Technology, The University of Notre Dame, the University of British Columbia, and others.

For more information, visit the Call for Abstracts page here:

The IMCL Board of Stewards includes global leaders in city government, planning, design, academia, and other fields. Alphabetical from top left:

1. Allam, Zaheer, urban strategist, Visio Architecture Ltd, Mauritius

2. Brainard, James, Mayor of Carmel, IN, USA

3. Burrell, John, Architect, UK

4. Condon, Patrick, Professor of Urban Design, University of British Columbia

5. Dunham-Jones, Ellen, Professor, Georgia Tech, USA

6. Ferguson, George, architect, past president, RIBA and first elected Mayor of Bristol, UK.

7. Fernández Gómez, Ricardo Arturo, Director of Development, State of Jalisco, Mexico

8. Jackson, Richard, Professor Emeritus of Public Health, UCLA, USA

9. Low, Setha, Professor, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, USA

10. Lykoudis, Michael, Professor, former Dean, University of Notre Dame, USA

11. Mahdjoubi, Lamine, Dip. Arch, M.Phil, PhD, Professor of the Built Environment, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

12. Mazzola, Ettore, Professor, University of Notre Dame, USA

13. Miguelez, Alain, Vice-President, Capital Planning and Chief Planner, National Capital Commission (Canada)

14. Nguyen, Ngoc, Professor, University of Da Nang, Vietnam

15. Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark, Research Professor, IS Global Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain

16. Petrella, Laura, Head of Planning, Finance and Economy, Urban Practices Branch, UN-Habitat, Kenya

17. Phillips, Rick, architect, San Francisco, USA

18. Plater-Zyberk, Elizabeth, architect, DPZ CoDesign, Professor, University of Miami, USA

19. Roji, Ayanda, General Manager, Research, Policy and Knowledge Management, City of Johannesburg, South Africa

20. Stafford, Philip, Co-Design Director, Commons Planning, Inc. and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Indiana University.

21. Talen, Emily, Professor, University of Chicago, USA

22. von Ungern-Sternberg, Sven, Governor of State of Süd-Baden, and former Mayor of Freiburg, Germany

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