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Welcome to the 60th IMCL Newport Conference App!

Links to the Program, Maps, and other conference information.
Check back here for UPDATES!

Welcome to Day 3, Sunday, April 28th.  Don't forget the rclosing party at 5:30PM,!

Map to the Venue is HERE.

Plan of the building is HERE


(Updated  April 28th)

60th International Making Cities Livable (IMCL) 
"Making Cities Livable:

From Research Into  Communication, and ACTION" 
Bois Doré Estate * Newport, Rhode Island USA

April 26-28, 2024                    
Sunday, April 28th    
          2:30 PM    BREAKOUT 7

          (Ballroom, Conference Format) 
          User Experience and Human-Centered Design
         Lessons from Neuroscience: A 100-Year

         Plan for Indiana Avenue, IN
         Nir Buras, Classic Planning Institute        
         The Place of Beauty: Neuroscience, Health,

         and Sustainability
         Daniel Morales, Morales Architects                
         How Eye Tracking Changes How We 'See'

         Architecture + Ourselves 
         Ann Sussman and Abigail Sekely, the

         HAPI Institute                
         Cognitive Architecture: A New Understanding 
         Justin Hollander, Tufts University                
         2:30 PM    BREAKOUT 8 (Dining Room,

         Symposium Format)
         Street and Transportation Reforms    

          FRONT, I'M…                
         Alex Krumdieck, Auburn University

         (Plus students)                
         Breaking the Gridlock: Empowering Livable

         Cities Beyond Traffic Engineering Norms 
         Wes Marshall, University of Colorado

         User Experience in Improved Non-motorised

         Transport Infrastructure in Nairobi                
         Akosa Wambalaba, US Int'l Univ - Africa
        2:30 PM    BREAKOUT 9 (Game Room,

        Workshop Format)                
        Beach Politics: Social, Racial, and

        Environmental Injustice on the Shoreline
        Accessibility to the Coastal Environment:

        Cross-National Comparative Analysis
        Rachelle Alterman and Cygal Pellach,

        The Technion / IIT                
        Racism and the Rockaways or Surfing

        the Cliff: A Success Story in Rhode Island
        Bryce Dubois, College of the Holy Cross

        Scaling up: Beach Activism and Different

        Ability Access in Kerala, India               
        Kristie Daniel, HealthBridge                
        Beach Appropriation and Exclusion

        Strategies: How do we Stop Them?                
        Setha Low, City University of New York                
        Dana Taplin, City of New York Department

        of Environmental Protection                
        3:45 PM    BREAK (Coffee, tea, snacks)                
        4:15 PM    BREAKOUT 10 (Ballroom,

       Conference Format)    

       Housing, Communities and Affordability

       Unveiling the True Culprit in Soaring

       Housing Cost: The Land

       Value Capture Imperative
       Patrick Condon, UBC (Moderator)                
       Building New Construction Townhouses

       and Pre-Approved Plans 
       Alli Quinlan, Flintlock LAB                
       Housing Affordability: Could A.I. Strategies

       and Tools Be An Answer?  
       Kent Watkins, American Academy

       of Housing and Communities                
       Delivering Not Just More, But Truly

       Livable, Housing for Generations to Come
       David Woltering, Woltering Community

       Planning (Moderator)                
       4:15 PM    BREAKOUT 11 (Dining Room,

       Symposium Format)                
       Retrofitting Settlements: Tools, Strategies,

        and Lessons Learned    

       Waterfront Communities: Repurpose,

       Recreation, and Renaissance                
       Mary Gardill, Commonwealth Of

       Massachusetts (Moderator)                
       Making Cities Livable from Below?  

       Repurposing the Geography

       of Apartheid                
       Stefan Norgaard, Columbia University                
       Turning Academic Aspirations into

       Community Action for

       Revitalized Downtowns          
       Ryan Sandwick, CalPoly San Luis Obispo 
       4:15 PM    BREAKOUT 12 (Game Room,

       Workshop Format)                
       Innovative Approaches to Just and

       Equitable Cities  

       Creating Public Spaces that Center Equity

       and Wellbeing

       through New Tech                
       Senchel Matthews and colleagues,

        Full Frame Initiative                
       Just Urbanism: Reclamation +

       Repair = Renewal                
       Edgar Adams and Brian Hendrickson,

       Roger Williams University                
       Ray "Two Hawks" Watson, MCP, JD,

       Founder, Providence  Cultural Equity

        Initiative (Moderator)                
      5:30 PM    End                
      5:30 PM    CLOSING PARTY

      (Wine, soft drinks, hors d'oeuvres)                
      7:00 PM    End                
      Monday, April 29th    


       PROVIDENCE WALKING TOUR                
      (Offered by Cornish Associates,

       Runyon Heritage Associates and                
      Union Studio Archiitects - consult

      website for details and tickets)                
      (Ends 2:00 PM)                

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