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Welcome to the IMCL 2023 Conference App!

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Links to the Programme, Maps, and other conference information.
Check back here for UPDATES!

UPDATE 3:  Welcome to Day 4, Friday, October 13th.  Don't forget the closing party at 7PM!

Map to Dorchester is HERE

Plan of The Corn Exchange is HERE


(Updated Friday, October 13 1:20 PM

Lunch Break: 1:00 PM

Visit Dorchester, or make your way to

Poundbury for afternoon breakouts


In the Corn Exchange, or in Jubilee Hall, Poundbury


Breakout 5A: 2:30 PM
Christopher Alexander’s Unfinished Work
Main Hall, The Corn Exchange: 2:30 PM
   Building Beauty in Theory and Practice
   Susan Ingham, KASA Architecture and

   Building Beauty
   How Patterns Contribute to Achieving

   SDG 11 Goals in Urban Design
   Robert Krasser, SIR- Salzburg Institute for Regional

   Planning and Housing
   Delight's Muse: Exploring Christopher

   Alexander's Magnum

   Opus, The Nature of Order
   Jenny Quillien, Sustasis Foundation
   The Wholeness Generates the Design:

   Unifying Beauty and Function
   Yodan Rofè, Ben-Gurion University of the

   Negev and Building Beauty

Breakout 5B: 2:30 PM
The Ecology of Cities I: The Nature of Cities
Town Hall, The Corn Exchange
   Toward an "Ecology of Place:" Civic Intentions,

   Actor Networks, and Spatial Patterns
   David Brain, New College of Florida
   Coding the Ecology. Form-based Codes

   and the Logic of Continuity
   Michał Dominczak, Łódź University of Technology
   The Ecology of Urban Centers and Corridors
   Kathleen Galvin, Renaissance Planning
   Urban Planning in Colonial Contexts: Case

   Study of Morocco
   Noussayba Rahmouni, Kyoto University


Breakout 5C
Ecological Placemaking: Tools and Strategies

Magistrates’ Room, The Corn Exchange
   The Edible Metropolis: Designing a City Around


   Ryan Smolar, PlacemakingUS
   Enhancing Public Understanding and Adoption of

   Ecological Placemaking Principles through 

   Simulation and Gaming
   Louis Burns, Urban Prosperity Network


Breakout 5D: Inside Poundbury, Part 1

Jubilee Hall, Poundbury
Join leading Poundbury architects Ben Pentreath

of Ben Pentreath LTD. and George Saumarez Smith 

of ADAM Architecture for an insider’s tour!


Refreshments and Networking: 3:45 PM

Coffee and snacks, exhibit and book sales upstairs

Breakout 6: 4:15 PM


Breakout 6A: Public Space Tools and Governance

Main Hall, The Corn Exchange

   Public Space Toolkit for Wales: Co-producing

   Knowledge with Local Authorities
   Patricia Aelbrecht, Cardiff University
   Public Space in Contemporary Practice

   Korkut Onaran, University of Colorado

   Impromptu Encounters in Public Spaces:

   Promoting Well-being and Public Health
   Maya Ljubojevic, University of Strathclyde
   Modern Religious Influence and the Public 

   Josh Stewart, Church of Jesus Christ of

   Latter-Day Saints

Breakout 6B
The Ecology of Cities II: Cities and Nature
Town Hall, The Corn Exchange

   Living on the Edge: Preserving and Integrating

   Agricultural Lands into Urbanization
   Mahdi Tavanpour, Independent Researcher

   Deviation in Material Flow as a Method towards Circularity 

   Jingxi Miao, Architectural Association Material Arcade
   The Critical Role of Ecosystems Services:    

   Case Study of Sweden
   Shuqi Li, Harbin Institute of Technology


Breakout 6C: Environmental Structure Research Group

(ESRG) Symposium
Magistrates’ Room, The Corn Exchange
An assessment of the work of Christopher Alexander

and the ongoing research done by former associates

and other interested parties in architecture,

planning, computer science, biology, mathematics,

and other fields

With David Brain, Or Ettlinger, Susan Ingham, Robert

Krasser, Michael Mehaffy , Jenny Quillien, Y odan Rofe,

others TBD


Breakout 6D: Inside Poundbury, Part 2

Jubilee Hall, Poundbury
Join leading Poundbury architects Ben Pentreath

of Ben Pentreath LTD. and George Saumarez Smith

of ADAM Architecture for an insider’s tour!


Breakouts End


Closing Party! 

Jubilee Hall, Poundbury: 7:00 PM

Coaches depart for hotel areas at 9:00 PM

SATURDAY, October 14

In-Depth Poundbury Tour: 10:00 AM

Starts in front of the Duchess of Cornwall

Hotel and Pub

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