2022 Conference in Paris (Le Plessis-Robinson), France

May 18-20 (with side tours on May 17 and 21)


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS DUE NOVEMBER 30, 2021: https://www.imcl.online/call-for-abstracts


"Architecture and the Edges of Public Space: Tools and Strategies for a New Urban Agenda"

The IMCL and its partners are pleased to announce the next conference in the acclaimed series begun in 1985. The IMCL is a unique peer-to-peer gathering of civic leaders, professionals and scholars dedicated to transitioning to a more livable, humane and ecological generation of cities, towns and suburbs. Once again, we will focus upon successful case studies and evidence-based research, sharing effective tools and strategies to drive real change. Our focus this year will be on the tools and strategies to build, protect and enhance thriving public spaces, and the adjacent private spaces and uses that afford well-being, social interaction, quality of life, exercise, health, and economic opportunity, for ALL the residents of cities, towns and suburbs. 

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We are fortunate to have the Paris region as a case study this year. Our main venue is Le Plessis-Robinson - a remarkable exemplar of suburban retrofit and transformation from a monocultural bedroom suburb to a mixed, walkable community built on universal principles of urbanism and public space. We will also examine other examples from Europe, the USA and other parts of the world. The conference will feature in-depth case studies of the Paris area, including new efforts toward a “15-minute City,” challenges of affordability and displacement, post-COVID urban interventions, and many other emerging topics. Registration is now open! (See below.) 

Click here for a tour of our venue, led by IMCL

Executive Director Michael Mehaffy

Sharing lessons from Paris, its suburbs - and each other

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Suburban retrofit tools, strategies and case studies                            The 15-minute city (and town and suburb)

Urban interventions, tactical urbanism, and life after COVID              Affordability, homelessness and displacement: new solutions


An outstanding national and international lineup of mayors, planners, designers, researchers, economic development experts, developers, nonprofit leaders, and other professionals and activists. Eighteen plenary talks, over forty breakout talks, tours, reception and dinner events, and more. Share lessons about what's working and not working, including the latest tools and strategies for great livable cities, towns and suburbs. Some of our featured speakers: 

May 18, 2022, 12:00 PM UTC – May 20, 2022, 8:00 PM UTC
Le Plessis-Robinson,
92350 Le Plessis-Robinson, France
Kudos for our 2021 conference...

“Thank you for bringing us together for a fabulous conference in Carmel!... It was inspiring to learn so much about creating more livable communities from the many committed speakers at the conference.”

   - David and Nancy Woltering, Woltering Community Planning LLC

“What a great conference!”
   - Chitra Subbarayan, Principal, CBD, LLC

“I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful conference...  You put a lot of work in on that conference, and it was very well run.”
   - Richard Erganian, Erganian Family Trust 

“As a first-time IMCL attendee, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the conference experience: the variety of professions, backgrounds and perspectives represented... I greatly look forward to attending again next year!”
   - Steve Knight, Principal, David M. Schwarz Architects

“Congratulations on an amazing conference... I am really impressed by the generally high quality of the presentations, your ability to frame and facilitate productive discussions, and the careful organization and smooth operation of the conference itself. The level of the discussion was higher than other conferences I regularly attend, and this was really your doing... Your back is probably getting sore at this point from all the well deserved pats on the back!”
   - David Brain, Professor, New College of Florida

“Thanks for a great conference, see you in Paris!”
   - Doug Kelbaugh, Professor and former Dean, University of Michigan


Our main venue is Le Plessis-Robinson, six miles from the center of Paris and also from Orly Airport. (20 miles from Charles de Gaulle airport.) The nearest rail station is Robinson. RER, Metro/tram and bus service are available, as well as taxi and shuttle.  

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The venue is the beautiful and comfortable Maison des Arts, in the main part of town and close by to two main hotels: Le Parc Hôtel, and Grand Hôtel Le Plessis-Robinson.

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Le Parc Hôtel is a 2-minute walk to the venue:


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Grand Hôtel Le Plesis-Robinsonis an 8-minute walk to the venue: https://www.plessisparc-hotel.com/en/

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