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2023 IMCL Conference Videos and eReader

Videos of the plenary presentations as well as other selected events from the 59th IMCL conference in Dorchester and Poundbury, UK, October 10-14, 2023 are below. We will add more videos in the coming weeks - check back to see more!

The full Conference eReader is also available here!

An insightful summary report prepared by attendee Nancy Woltering, senior planner for the City of Santa Rosa, California USA, is available here.  Our thanks to Nancy!

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Highlights reel

Welcome and Introduction

Opening Film: "The Progress We've Made"

From Port Grimaud to Le Plessis-Robinson: Xavier Bohl, Atelier Bohl, and Yves Bovero, SEMPRO 

Taking Good Urbanism Global, Planning for Rapid Urbanisation: Savini Rajapakse, The Prince's Foundation

Lessons from Poundbury: Ben Murphy, Duchy of Cornwall

Carmel, Indiana, 28 Years of Suburban Retrofit: Jim Brainard, City of Carmel, IN USA

The New (Old) Science of Cities for People: A Conversation with Semir Zeki, University College London, and Nikos Salingaros, The University of Texas at Austin

Journey to the Center of the Brain - Speculations on How the Multiple Facets of Urban Neuroscience Light a Path to Humanistic Urbanism: Nir Buras and Alison Hogg, Classic Planning Institute

Can Coding Enact "System A" at Large Scale?  Sergio Porta, University of Strathclyde (UK)

Panel Discussion 1: With Xavier Bohl, Ben Murphy,  Jim Brainard,  Sergio Porta, and Savini Rajapakse. Moderated by Michael Mehaffy.

Welcome and Introduction - Day 2

The Intentional City: Urban Design and the Civic Ecology of Place

David Brain, New College of Florida 

Learning to Make Livable, Beautiful Cities: The Key is the Process -Or Ettlinger, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, and Building Beauty Postgraduate Program in Architecture 

Why Public Space Matters: Setha Low, The Graduate School, City University of New York

Propositions for a Meaningful Public Space: Vikas Mehta, University of Cincinnati

Critical Importance of Public Space in Africa and the Establishment of CAPS: Ayanda Roji, City of Johannesburg 


Panel Discussion 2A: With David Brain, Kristie Daniel (HealthBridge Canada), Vikas Mehta, Ayanda Roji, and late arrival Carl McClean of Green Flag Award; moderated by Setha Low.


Just Accounting: The Strong Towns Approach to Alleviating Poverty in America

Chuck Marohn, Strong Towns


The Next Paradigm Shift: The Unification of Form and Function in Beauty

Yodan Rofe, Course Director, Building Beauty


It's Not Housing that Costs Too Much -- It's Land that Costs Too Much

Patrick Condon, University of British Columbia


Panel Discussion

Charles Marohn, Patrick Condon, Yodan Rofe


Cities for People, or Cities for Cars?

George Ferguson, Cities and People


Making Beauty Matter

Nicholas Boys Smith, Create Streets


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