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  • Michael Mehaffy

Deadline Approaching - Call for Abstracts, 60th IMCL in Newport RI USA

January 31 is the due date for "Making Cities Livable: From Research Into Communication, and ACTION"

NEWPORT, RI: Friends and colleagues are asked to help spread the word about the approaching due date for abstracts for the next conference in the venerable IMCL series begun in 1985.

TOPIC: “Making Cities Livable: Research Into Communication and ACTION”

DATE AND LOCATION: April 26-28, 2024 * Newport, Rhode Island USA

BACKGROUND: Following our highly successful 2023 conference in Poundbury, Dorchester and London, UK, the Lennard Institute, producers of the International Making Cities Livable (IMCL) conference series, is pleased to announce the next conference on frontier urban challenges.  The IMCL is a premier international gathering of researchers, practitioners and city leaders, sharing effective findings, tools and strategies to create more livable, humane and sustainable cities, towns and suburbs. Our conferences bring together researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, as well as planners, architects, engineers, city leaders, NGO heads, and others from a range of backgrounds.


Partners in this year’s conference include the Congress for the New Urbanism, The King’s Foundation, INTBAU, UN-Habitat, HealthBridge Canada, the Seaside Institute, the Urban Guild, several universities, and others to be announced.


Sample comments from attendees at our 59th conference: “Superb organization,” “Wonderful conference,” “Terrific conference,” “Amazing conference!,” “Fantastic conference!,” “Outstanding conference,” “Lots of cheers,” “A triumph.”



“Making Cities Livable: Research Into Communication and ACTION.”


How can researchers translate their work more directly into effective communication and action to drive positive change in cities? How can practitioners and city leaders learn from advanced research, to apply effective new tools and strategies for today’s urban challenges? How can we foster collaboration to develop more effective pathways from research into action, and channel post-occupancy lessons back into research?


Topics of the conference will include:


-       Walkability, bikability and transportation reform

-       Code reform to end exclusionary zoning

-       Middle housing and infill: models and practices

-       Affordability and diversity in housing choice

-       Street design for walkable, multi-modal cities

-       Climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience

-       Economic tools and strategies

-       Lessons and patterns from heritage and regeneration

-       Case studies: best practices and lessons learned


Our venue for the conference is the beautiful Bois Doré estate in Newport, Rhode Island, USA, made available through the generosity of Fairfax and Sammons Architects. This facility has ample space for plenaries of over 100 attendees, as well as breakout spaces and areas for networking, book sales, and exhibition materials. Newport is centrally located on the US East Coast between Boston and New York, with bus and train service as well as flights into nearby Providence. There are many hotels and inns in the historic center, within walking distance of the venue. Newport also provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration and partnership with a number of universities in Boston, New York and beyond. (Student rates are available for non-presenters.)


YOU ARE INVITED to submit a 300-word abstract. You may submit a full paper prior to your presentation at the conference, or you may elect to make only an oral presentation. Papers will be published in the conference e-reader, and assigned a DOI number. More information and specifications are in the Calls for Abstracts. 


Read the full Call for Abstracts and submit your abstract here:



ABOUT THE CONFERENCE SERIES. Founded in 1985, the International Making Cities Livable (IMCL) conference series has become a premier international gathering of city leaders, researchers, practitioners, and other key urban stakeholders. The series is hosted by the Lennard Institute for Livable Cities, a public benefit educational corporation based in Oregon, USA. The IMCL was founded by Henry Lennard, a Viennese medical sociologist, and Suzanne Lennard, a British architectural scholar. The Lennards were passionate about bringing city leaders, scholars and practitioners together across borders and disciplines, in instructive and beautiful examples of livable urbanism, to share the latest and most effective knowledge and tools for improving the livability and sustainability of cities, towns, suburbs and their countrysides across the globe. Our most recent conferences were in London and Dorchester/Poundbury, UK (2023), Paris and Le Plessis-Robinson, France (2022), and Carmel, Indiana USA (2021).   

Images from the 59th IMCL conference in London, Dorchester and Poundbury, UK.

Video tour of the venue for the 60th International Making Cities Livable in Newport, RI USA 






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